10 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself: #3

Will You Break the Rules Because of Something or Someone You Care About?

Original date (sometime in May)

Absolutely yes. If someone I care about is in any kind of danger or harm I would do what I had to to get them help. And as far as the “something”… I’m not sure… I care about myself- and my car, and about my seats in my car and well if I have to poop I will speed home-bc I care about my seats (both of them huh huh). Does that count? Shewwwww I don’t know, I’m sure this question means more to do with your morals. And the answer is Yes. If they every took away my religious freedom of anything of the like, then Yes I would break the rules for my core morals and beliefs.


The truth is i’m still ironing out what my core morals and values are. What my gut convictions tell me Vs Facts… trust, faith, science, feelings. Its all a messy and confused matter, esp in early recovery… everything is new .. and its a journey i’m willing and Excited to take…


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