10 Questions about life you need to ask yourself… #2

be_yourself,-868102) How many promises have you made and how many of them have you fulfilled?

Original date : 5/30/15

This is a hard one… there are plenty of promises I made while drinking and never kept. Anything from promising to “show up” to NEVER drink again. I just simply choose to not drunk today! I don’t like making promises I can’t keep, or don’t intend to..(like my Mom keeps asking me to not get anymore tattoos, and I tell her I can’t promise that) I can make small promises today, such as showing up on time, or going places, chairing a meeting.. I can promise to put my best for that day into my “program” and my relationships and my job, which doesn’t mean that my best will be awesome everyday, it’ll just be my best I can muster for that day. I promise to be kind to myself and to try to be kind to others.

Additions from  today. 6/25/15

I Promise to laugh everyday, to pray, to do something that connects me to my spiritual self, to be gut wrenching honest (Even if its Only to myself at first), to attempt to “practice all these principles in all my affairs.” I promise to not let myself feel guilty every time I DO get a new tattoo, because this is MY life, and because its WHO I AM. And most of all I promise to be my authentic self and to love who that is.



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