Incase you wanted to know. 

I’ve wanted to start a blog for awhile now and never knew where to start. So I just said screw it and started. I’ve been on a “nibbling” sweets rampage. At least for me. Let me start out by saying I’m tiny! And that’s not a “oh look at me I’m

So skinny, I work out and junk,” statement…because the only part of that statement that’s true is the “and junk” part, that part I seem to have down pack (pact?packed…whatever I’m a horrible speller btw fyi tmi..and whatever other cheesey short versions of sayings there are)….annnnyways where was I?? Oh yes tiny. Like President of the IBTC ..explanation: Itty Bitty Tityy Comity…I don’t work out currently, besides job which keepse on my toes,  I just have a wicked fast metabolism, and by wicked fast I mean I can eat a burrito without instantly craping it out… Wicked fast metabolism just sounds way better then I have IBS and occasionally… ….weekly…. :/ (it’s awkward being honest to the world ) can’t make it to the bathroom. 
Anywhoo..having a sweet tooth was never my thing till of late and its OUT of in going through a couple – 5- pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream in roughly a week….less…and litteray eating sugar out of the jar. I believe I know the answer to my perdicament and its do to certain meds. Soo now I am going to have to 12 step my way through NOT eating sugar…or let’s be much, primarily because I know one day I should be concerned about health and shit. 
But enough about my sweet toothe and a bit about me..I’m quirky and having a racing brain and imagination and I’m also in recovery and decided this may be. New way to vent and obtain a “healthy” hobbie as they say in my AA group…because apparently the only hobbies i acquired  the past few years was being able to put down a pint of booze..ok it was probably more..a day. However I am close to 6 months sober now and had ten bf I took a quick little uh   lapse… SO basically in a nut shell this is a place for me to vent and air out the crazz (or complex) ..self. A healty outlet to confess all my sins ..or really just compulsive behaviors that I take a weeee to much pleasure in. 

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